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Beach Ball in Pool

Studio Pool

How do you fit a swimming pool into a shop???

  • Our 14 foot by 8 foot (4.3m x 2.4m) endless pool is basically a large tank with a current generator. The pool is 48 inches or 1.22m deep. 

  • The adjustable current allows us to set the speed of the water to suit each person to allow them to swim on the spot (similar to a treadmill).

  • The bench which surrounds 3 sides of the pool offers a safe place for people to sit or (children) to stand during the lesson. Once the swimmer stops swimming, the current sweeps them back safely to the bench.

  • Above and below water cameras are used for intermediate/advanced/competitive swimmers. This 360 degree view of the swimmer above and below the water allows our coaches to view how the swimmer's body moves. Using specialist analysis software our coaches can show each swimmer how they are swimming and what changes will lead to a more efficient and faster stroke.

Beach Ball in Pool
Swimming Coach

Small Class Sizes

With a maximum class size of 4 people you or your child will get lots of attention in every lesson. This leads to quicker results and a better quality of swimming.

With small classes and a small swim space our coaches can easily  keep an eye on everyone throughout the lesson. 

In most classes the coach will be in the water, on hand to aid and assist each swimmer. 

This can greatly helps to reduce anxiety and fear for beginner swimmers.


Private and Quiet

As coaches we understand the best way to learn how to swim is in an environment with no distractions.


As only one class or session can be run at at a time our swim studio is a very calm, quiet learning space.

Our endless pool is a great space for people to learn how to swim who may have special needs or find large pools intimidating, too noisy or lacking in privacy.


Swim Analysis and Feedback

Our cameras allows the coach and the swimmer to see fully how the swimmer's body is moving both above and below the water. 

The floor mirror can also be used which helps the swimmer to view their body position and movements.

As the swimmer swims on the spot against the current, this allows the coach to easily and effectively give 'tactile feedback' (hands on correction) to aid the swimmer to feel the correct movement patterns.

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