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Our instructors coaches are all Swim Mastery trained .

Swim Mastery are at the forefront worldwide of swim teaching and coaching innovation. Using a combination of biomechanics, hydro dynamics, learning psychology and in depth whole body analysis, they have developed a methodology which leads to great results for all ages and levels of swimmers.

We use STA for our Open Water,

Baby/Pre-school and water safety training.

STA has decades of experience training swim instructors in the UK and has a nationwide network of training and instructors/coaches.

Beach Ball in Pool

No Flotation Devices

For all our Learn to Float and Swim School programmes no floats, woggles, armbands or any other water supports are used.

As instructors we are in the water physically supporting the swimmer where needed until they find their own buoyancy and balance in the water.

Learning to float first results in a more fluid, efficient swim stroke which is learnt much faster compared with conventional swim teaching.

Safety wise this approach leads to a child or adult being able to survive an accidental fall into open water. All adults and children are taught what to do in these situations very early on in their lessons.

Beach Ball in Pool

Safe movements for every body

Swim Mastery only use effective, biomechanically safe movement patterns with every swimmer from the very first lesson.

This includes:

  • safe head/neck position

  • balanced body position

  • whole body connection

  • integrated breathing

  • safe arm movements in every stroke

This results in injury free swimming for all,  including long distance, triathlon and competitive swimmers.

Beach Ball in Pool

Efficient, fast swimming


Drag reduction is one of the core elements of

Swim Mastery teaching and coaching.

As water is 800 times more dense than air, working on streamlining and body position results in a faster more energy efficient stroke.

As coaches we are experienced in video analysis to look at the whole body connection and movements and the areas of improvements for each individual swimmer.
This feedback allows swimmers to gain a great understanding of how they are swimming and how to swim safer and more efficiently.

With in land based exercises, pool demos, tactile feedback, movement imagery and self practice our intermediate/advanced swimmers improve significantly in a short space of time.


All our coaches swim well and have lessons too!

As coaches we work continually to improve our own swim technique.

Through improving our own swimming, we have a better understanding of what our swimmers are experiencing.

We swim backstroke, breastroke, front crawl and butterfly and have lessons and training in our pool on a regular basis.

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